Montego Bay Housing

Single Wide Home Single wide homes in Montego Bay are between 12 and 16 feet wide. The length of these homes vary between 50 and 70 feet. Some, as the picture shows, have what we call expandos that make the living room area wider than the rest of the home.
Double Wide Home Double wide homes in Montego bay are 24 feet in width. The length of these homes vary between 40 and 65 feet. All double wide homes have shingled roofs.
Build Overs A build-over was originally a single-wide home that has been enlarged, in most cases, to 24 feet in width. A roof is built-over the original home and the new addition. Some have attics in them.
Modular Homes Modular homes in Montego Bay are 24 feet in width. the length of these homes vary between 40 and 65 feet. They are rancher style homes, built in two sections in a factory, and installed on a permanent foundation. Most modular homes have floored attics.
Stick-Built Homes Stick-built homes in Montego Bay are built on site. They are either 1 or 2 floors – as the picture shows. The 2 story houses offer habitable space on the 2nd level. They can be up to 25' wide and 65' long on a standard 40' x 90' lot.
  • Established in 1969
  • Located between 130th and 135th street (bayside); 1 block west of Coastal Hwy.
  • 1523 total lots in subdivision
  • Most lots are 40' wide by 90' deep
  • Approx. 325 year-round families
  • Zoned for mobile home, modular and stick-built construction (up to 2 floors)
  • City Sewer
  • City Water
  • City Trash collection 
  • City streets & sidewalks
  • 2 off-street parking spaces per residence
  • Underground utility lines (cable TV available)
  • Central Street Lighting (lamp post at every residence)
  • City Police Protection
  • City Fire/Paramedic station at main entrance (130th street)
  • Neighborhood shopping center (between 128th and 130th street)
  • 2 recreational areas (amenities include 2 swimming pools, 2 tennis courts, 2 shuffleboard courts, and a 9-hole miniature golf course)
  • 8 acre pond with walking/jogging path
  • 5 acre park next to pond
  • Bayfront boardwalk with three piers for fishing and crabbing
  • Canal front fishing and crabbing area
  • Close to 58 acre Northside City Park (129th Street)
  • Homeowners Association fee only $247.50/year